My Cloistered Garden.

Welcome to my cloistered garden. It is a work in progress so the older pictures are at the bottom, and the newest ones are up near the top. Eventually I will have the entire area surrounded by a cloistered archway that will overgrow with jasmine. I would also like to put in an excedera (a turf bench) that will have space to pull up a table and sit to play games or eat.

This site is really good for descriptions of Renaissance and Medieval Gardens, I think that it's by David Gallowglass.

The lemon tree seeds.

They look good.

My piggie watering can.

He really works well too! The little "lamp" on the right is the base of the yard lamp that Gustav took out, I figured that I would keep the base and it might turn into something. I am sort of thinking of finding a mirrored globe and placing the whole thing somewhere to be a gazing ball, maybe.

This is squash and cantalopes that re-grew from last year. And tomatoes that I just sprouted and planted.

I am amazed that the squash came back, let's hope that it doesn't take over the bed.

Halfway there!

I am going to completely encircle the area and it will hopefully be covered with jasmine.

I am trying lavender again in the center.

Those are those water ball things that they sell at Walgreens, they seem to be keeping the lavender alive.

I redid the beds with stones(well, really, wall blocks)

I hope to add another layer of blocks sometime. Raise them a bit more.

It froze here and killed a lot of things. Including the aloe in the center.

Once spring had officially hit and we got back home and things had sorted out, I decided to make prettier beds. Now onward to the arbors!

Cute little fellow.

Just had to take a photo of this little guy.

I put jade and aloe in the middle.

everything else seems to die there, so I figured that something that could hold the water would survive.

I found this at Tuesday Morning

I really wanted a pretty piece of stained glass in the window over the sink, but couldn't imagine making one at this point. I am so happy that this showed up and was a price that I could afford!

I put this stained glass in the window.

I made this many years ago, I just realized that it would look nice in this window, and it's safer here than where it was upstairs.

Basil from the center bed.

I finally got up the nerve to pick a bunch of Basil and tie it to dry. This is for Solveig. Hope she really likes Basil! The purple part is Sweet Basil. I really don't know what the difference between Basil and Sweet Basil is, but I guess that they must be different.

Standing on my garden bench.

I thought that a nice little seat around the lamp might be nice. Not exactly a meditation spot for some of us though.

We also have Birdhouse gourds.

Alina was looking at the Birdhouse gourd,maybe it will someday become a birdhouse!

we have watermelons!

They actually grew! Now to see if we can keep the bunnies away from them.

Heron in the ditch.

I killed the weeds in the ditch after they mowed and the ecology must be right or else this guy wouldn't be poking around. I was worried about the frogs but I guess it's alright if he's here!

The sunflowers are really getting tall.

This one is over 6 feet tall!

I think that the birdhouse gourds are trying to take over.

They are really big and healthy, I hope that we get at least one birdhouse out of them! They keep crawling over and smothering the cantalopes and watermelons. Who knows what will happen if we get fruit on any of them, I really didn't think that they would grow at all I guess. There will be war! 

Our first sunflower! 

The biggest one hasn't bloomed yet, but it's as big as the boys.

Center planter.

here is a closeup of the center planter. I've weeded since this pic was taken and it looks way better.

The entrance on each side will have a gothic arch.

I'm halfway there.
I put together the gothic pointy arch finally, I am going to put one on each end of the garden so that it creates a more cloistered garden effect not just a (wow I have a lot of garden arches tied together effect)

I got a planter for the center!

I put lavendar in the planter, because it likes to be drier.

This is one of four mosaic tiles that I made years ago, they are placed around the center bed.

I based them on Roman designs. They are done with sorted pebbles from a garden pebble mix in a bag.

The zinnias are blooming.

They are attracting butterflies.

The garden at night. 

I sat outside for quite a while this evening while the sun went down, there was enough light to read my book. I love it out here under the gazebo. There weren't any mosquitos for most of the evening!

Starting to grow

I just weeded this bed, so it looks fairly good!

Looking up. 

This is looking up from sitting on the tete-a-tete in the gazebo. The jasmine is filling in nicely.

This is the beginning.

The kids and I started our garden today, we got three beds in and started on the arbors. The beds will have a mixture of flowers and vegetables in them. I weedeated out all of the blackberries that were under the gazebo and put down bricks.

From the house, looking out in March.

Here it is from the dining room window. The trellis arch will run across in front of the window and hopefully the jasmin and wisteria will fill in and make a privacy screen.

From across the yard.

This is from the other direction. I would like to build a turf seat bench in this spot. That's the kitchen window on the left.  

Looking from under the porch.

this is a great place to sit and watch the hummingbirds. We also have a few wild peacocks that visit, I put out a feeder with peanuts and seeds for them.

I put in a circular herb bed.

Bonsey is sitting watching the birds and squirrels, and drooling.