Alexander aka Sacha

Andrei and me

I'm on the right

getting better

I can get a little farther each time!

In my uniform.

Played one game, substituting for another on the same day.

I look wierd!

In our kitchen, I don't know why my mom took this photo!

I am really getting better!

It was rainy but I had to get out and ride.

this is the first time on the unicycle.

We got this unicycle from a Freda, it was her sons. I am learning quickly. Lots of falling though.

Me with blue hair. 

Blue looks good!

I love Naruto!

Reading the books and watching the movies.

Eaten by a T Rex.

This was at the National Zoo in Washington DC.

Alexander  (Sacha)

10 years old.

Me with the girls.

Working on being a good big brother.

This is Felix, my SCA personna in fighting armor.

In the SCA I fight youth heavy weapon combat, I am soon going to start fencing too.