This is a great site, it's full of fun information.

click on the image to go to the site.

Here are some fun Lost sites that I have found.

if you missed any episodes

other neat stuff


more  labels (cola and peanut butter beer)

I got my Ajira airlines boarding pass!

It will be fun to be in first class.

A quiet evening with DHARMA wine.

DHARMA Merlot is quite good!

I made a fish biscuit cookie cutter!

I took two cookie cutters that were on sale for 99 cents and cut them apart, then with pliers I made this cutter. I used metal epoxy to put them together. Now I need to make cookies! (the recipe is in the recipe section) BTW, it's big, about 7 inches long. 

Click this picture to go see my fish biscuits being made

I just used cookie dough so don't worry they aren't fishy at all

this is the DHARMA site to log in to be in DHARMA! Yay, the new ARG is starting.

well the game fizzled so far, but I'm a cook in my white swan account. I have a black swan account where I'm a proof reader. There is a site up with Ajira Airlines that might be another tie in ARG, I hope so. Damon and Carleton are going to email updates to anyone who signs up, they will also have a Q and A each week, so I'm happy. They seem apologetic so I don't mind so much.  

I got my Banana Republic card and look, it's LOST!

It was also pointed out to me that the number 815 is on there too!  

You can make your own pantry items to be DHARMA pantry items.

fabric that I found.

I was in walmart and found this fabric! I got enough to make an apron. Click on the picture and then go look at the bottom of the page.

Steve behind bars eating a fish biscuit!

He is a good sport, he didn't mind being in the polar bear cage at all.

Lost, one of the best shows on TV

One of my avatars on the Lost bulletin board.

why I love LOST

I realized the other day why I love LOST more than just about any other show out there. It doesn't have only character development, it also has so many references to literature and science that it makes you think. I love that it makes me curious about things that are outside of the storyline of the show! I read the book Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens just because it was on the show. I love it for that. 

I'm addicted to Lost

This is one of my favorite pasttimes. I love to talk about it to anyone who will listen.