Gustav broke the top off of our oak. 

The top 20 feet of our oak snapped off and broke our lamppost (this was broken in Katrina and replaced)

After Gustav.

There just wasn't that much left in our yard to fall over, but this tree came from across the street and took out our column again.

This was our house right after  hurricane Katrina hit.

We used to have lots of trees in our yard, standing upright. After they were cleared out we don't have hardly any, but now we have a lovely grass lawn! Apparently there were a number of small (sort of)  tornados that went up and down our street, taking out all of the trees and power lines for miles.

Crunch from Katrina.

Good thing was that it made us clean out a bit.

After Katrina.This playset actually survived quite nicely.Except for one broken slide.

The kids couldn't play in the yard for months, first because of the trees then because of the huge holes in the ground where we had the stumps ground, or the roots were uprooted.

tree on roof after Katrina.

We really didn't have it so bad, one of our friends in Gulfport had a fish on their bed when they got back to their house and a refrigerator (not theirs) on their roof. Oh yeah, their house was off of the foundation by about 6 feet too. Another friend had her house blown completely away and only had a slab to go back to, she had a slab party with searching friends trying to find anything that survived in the way of possessions for miles around (didn't find anything).