But wait, it really was supposed to be the boys passing by on their way to play. oops. They had played a game (partial) at the Jamboree and were substituting in the 11-12 year old team game. They were already tired and then went on to play a game. Yoiks.

They are now only on the 9-10 team which is fine because they are only 10 1/2. It was a long day for them but they bounced right back. 


I'm so glad to be going back to sort of normal now. The boys are about to start Hebrew school again and football will start soon for them too. It is sort of cooling down and it is only 85 degrees outside right now. soon it will be cool enough to work on my cloister again. yay!


This is a great lecture from Randy Pausch who just died. Very inspiring! One of the real movers of the century.



Mummies' Fake Toes Could Be First Prosthetics

July 27, 2007— National Geographic News
When this mummy lived, she was able to walk like an Egyptian—thanks to a false toe.
The toe, made of wood and leather, may be the world's earliest known functional prosthetic, experts say.
The current earliest known prosthesis is an artificial leg found in Italy that dates back to 300 B.C. That's several hundred years younger than the Egyptian toe, which dates to between 1000 and 600 B.C.
A woman between 50 and 60 used the well-worn prosthetic, and the amputation site of her toe seems to have healed successfully, Jacky Finch, of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, said in a statement.
To see if the toe really works, Finch is gathering a group of volunteers who have lost their right big toes to wear a replica of the Egyptian toe.
Finch will also test a second Egyptian prosthetic toe from the same time period. That toe, made of a sort of papier mache, is on display at the British Museum.
Replicas from both toes will be tested at the Human Performance Laboratory at the nearby University of Salford.
"If we can prove that one or both were functional," Finch said, "then we will have pushed back prosthetic medicine by as much as 700 years."

—Christine Dell'Amore


I thought that the thermometer was broken at first, but it did this yesterday morning too. Then it goes down to 100 and stays that way til evening when it cools down to 95 or so, until the sun finally goes down and it's around 90.

I don't think that it's wrong. I think that it's just really hot.

Update: I moved the thermometer out of direct morning sun and it stopped reading so high. Now it only goes up to 95 or so and then it went up to 100. Not too much above. I figured it was almost time to just set a loaf of bread outside to bake!  


The wierdest thing just happened, I felt my entire chest tighten up and I felt so nauseated, no matter what I did it wouldn't go away. I happened to look out the door and saw that the thermometer registered almost 105 degrees. Egad! I thought that the thing was broken. Then I threw up and felt better. I looked back at the thermometer and saw that it was now 95 degrees. What just happened?

I went and looked online to see what temp it is and the 95 is right. I feel fine now. Was there a pocket of pressure or temp change or something? Maybe I'll never know, but I hope that it doesn't happen again.

It was so strange that I just had to write it down here.    


I wish that I could give credit for this picture, it's so funny! I think that it's a typical sca feast after all of the real dancing is done and most people go to bed, then things get silly sometimes! Knowing some people and how good they are at documenting things, I think that this might be within period if you try hard enough. If Johannes the Black could document rice crispy treats, then I bet someone could document this.  



and stick them on the food in your cabinets and it will be just like DHARMA made a food drop in your house! It would also be great for a Lost party. They have cracker box labels and beer and wine labels., what fun. I guess that I'm a geek in some ways.

Today it rained, and I didn' t actually do much. Yay!



This is such an awesome castle, that's an old family!

I wonder if its like that family in the Decameron that was really proud of their family heritage and how old  they were. They were arguing about if their family was older blood line than the other family and finally  won the bet based on the fact that they were ugly so they must be older. The argument being that when God created man he had to make prototypes (ha, ha) and they must be the first ones made because they were not perfected (ie. ugly)