I have done machine embroidery for years but I got a new embroidery machine and new software recently. I am learning how to use the new software now. I love it.

My Amaya.

I love this machine.

This is my cookbook.

I decided to weed out all of my cookbooks and get rid of anything that I didn't use. I took an old book and ripped out the pages then I glued in a ringbinder. I cut out pages and created pockets on each header page for different foods. That way I can stick recipes into the pockets if I haven't tried them yet. If I really like the recipes, I write them into the pages.  

Inside the cookbook.

I pasted useful information about measuring and substitutions from an old cookbook that was falling apart. I know that it isn't really pretty on the inside, but it's very useful. 

Yet another picture of my cookbook, I really like it!

Only my very favorite recipes end up transcribed into this cookbook!

I love to....






play on the 'puter

play my DS