All day long in the upper 90's (yeah, I know I shouldn't complain, we have air conditioning now) but I have a right to complain. I really wish that I could go out into the yard during the day without turning into a boiled shrimp. With gas prices as much as they are, I wish that I could get in the car and drive somewhere but I really want to save money. I wish that I would  get a call about going to Russia and get it over with. I wish that my mom wouldn't be so hard to get along with. It just seems easier to stay home and try to think of something to do.

I found a bunk bed on craigslist today, we are going to go get it tomorrow (wish that we could get it today and get it put together) I obviously believe in instant gratification.

Wish that we could go swimming, but I really don't want to interact with my mom. It isn't worth it.

Oh well, at least we are all reasonably healthy.  

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