All day long in the upper 90's (yeah, I know I shouldn't complain, we have air conditioning now) but I have a right to complain. I really wish that I could go out into the yard during the day without turning into a boiled shrimp. With gas prices as much as they are, I wish that I could get in the car and drive somewhere but I really want to save money. I wish that I would  get a call about going to Russia and get it over with. I wish that my mom wouldn't be so hard to get along with. It just seems easier to stay home and try to think of something to do.

I found a bunk bed on craigslist today, we are going to go get it tomorrow (wish that we could get it today and get it put together) I obviously believe in instant gratification.

Wish that we could go swimming, but I really don't want to interact with my mom. It isn't worth it.

Oh well, at least we are all reasonably healthy.

This is such a neat idea, I don't think that you need a stamp though, just write on the bill in some sort of indelible ink.


If you haven't heard this man sing yet click on the link her

and be prepared to be wowed! I think that I'm going to be happy with opera again!

this is a neat website that is for family businesses that have been around for at least 200 years and have been run by a family member. Interesting group of businesses and a neat read. 


I made waffles this morning to celebrate getting the A/C fixed. It was an easy recipe that used pancake mix, I'll put it in the recipes section.


I'm debating whether or not to glue it together and put it on the wall in their room or just be satisfied with a photo and break it all apart again, put it in the box and donate it to the goodwill. Good taste would suggest the second option, but then again, OH HECK, it's just a puzzle. But it was fun.


Hah, take that mr. lemonhead! (not really, this was a different lemon Sacha)


I think that this little face it so right for a lemon! "I'm so sweet and tasty!...heh,heh,heh"


I just came across these the other day, totally wierd. It's a bezoar, and you ask "what's that", it's a conglomeration of hair and other junk that is removed from the stomach. It has been smoothed and polished by the stomach of the animal. People used to think that they were magical. They enshrined them in amazing looking holders. Some people believe that they have curative powers.   

and yet another one. really strange huh? Bet you want one of these sitting around the house!


I am so bummed out. My camera died and now I can't take photos. I didn't realize how much I like taking photos until I couldn't just pull out the camera and click away. Went on Ebay and found another one for a good price and it will  get here in about a week. I guess that I will just pull up old photos when I need one between  now and then.

I weeded the garden and put in mulch and it looks so pretty and I can't post a picture of it. Pout, pout.