I'm so glad to be going back to sort of normal now. The boys are about to start Hebrew school again and football will start soon for them too. It is sort of cooling down and it is only 85 degrees outside right now. soon it will be cool enough to work on my cloister again. yay!



Sarah M
09/10/2008 08:05


My uncle has asked me to get in contact with you. You met him and his wife (Liam and Marion Moloney) in Sakhalin Island. They are both from Ireland and were in Sakhalin picking up their new litte boy.

Liam wants to send you the words to a song (Lakes of Ponchartrain) but doesn't have your email (or an email of his own, hence I'm sending this for him).

Would it be possible for you to send me your email so I can forward on the song and songbook details?


09/02/2012 14:56

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09/30/2012 02:00

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